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Last year eight projects were selected to be supported by the Gordon Bridger Fund. These new projects were chosen to enable new enterprises to be established with the aim of them becoming self sustaining in the future. These projects are to provide training, employment and an income for local communities particularly for women and young men.

The projects are nearing the end of their first year and the achievements of each group is truly impressive. Regular feedback and reports have shown the commitment and energy the various groups have given to achieve their goals. Find out about the different projects on the Gordon Bridger Fund.

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  • alistairjp6

With schools returning after two years in January following the Covid crisis the Link was determined to restart the Lunch4All programme it supports in schools. Many children would go without a midday meal without this programme that provides the equipment and seeds so that schools are able to grow their own produce to give children a nutritious meal each day. The Link has given tools and seeds to every school and the photos and videos show the staff and pupils working together to cultivate the ground and plant the seeds.

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The Link is excited to be involved in the selection and support of eight enterprise projects.

Gordon Bridger was an important member of the Guildford community and following his very generous bequest applications were invited from groups and individuals in the Mukono district for start up grants for projects that would be sustainable and ecological and importantly support and give employment to vulnerable people and communities.

From the fifteen applications, eight projects were selected. These are very varied but all strongly support the criteria stated above.

For details of the enterprises look at the Gordon Bridger Projects section of the website where regular updates will be posted to show the achievements and progress of these projects.

The projects are monitored and mentored to encourage the development and progress.

The photos below show a variety of projects and some of the physical facilities they are putting in place to develop there businesses.

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