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Susan Wamala the Headteacher at Mukono Boarding School together with her teachers decided that pupils needed to be taught and encouraged to be creative, more independent, more familiar working in teams and making decisions to benefit themselves and others. The projects have had a positive impact on pupil attitudes and motivation and enabled better relationships between the teachers and the pupils.

Watch the video to discover what the school did:

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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Tamsy and Pete Baker together with Sue Knight visited Mukono in November 2019. As with previous visits they had a hectic schedule visiting many schools, meeting a range of officials to view and discuss ongoing projects and the needs of groups and individuals. Monitoring the impact of the various schemes that the Guildford Mukono Link has helped to fund is a crucial purpose off the visits. Pete Baker ran his popular science workshops for teachers

to help them improve the delivery of the science curriculum.

The visits to Mukono are very important. It gives the opportunity to learn first hand about the needs of the . The visits help to build the relationships with a whole range of stakeholders which is vital so that there is a clear understanding about what needs to be done to best improve situations and make effective use of the resources provided.

Included in the meetings, discussions and visits carried out were:

> Visits to a number of primary and secondary schools

> Discussions with headteachers about the progress each school has made and how the Link can support this progress. What their priorities are to move the schools forward.

> Discussions with headteachers about individual children being supported through the Wendy Shephard Education Fund

> Monitored how the Lunch4All was being delivered in each school.

> Organised a farming workshop for teachers to support the Lunch4All project.

> Observed the Sports Programme, met the coaches and checked on the delivery of the programme and the number of children involved.

> Met officials from Mukono Council and discussed the link with Guildford Borough Council concerning managing waste and recycling.

> Visited the Keynotes project to check the number of children involved and how the project is developing.

> Delivered Science workshops for teachers.

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