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Mukono is Guildford's twin town in Uganda. The Link was established in 2003 and has grown into a thriving, dynamic relationship between the two communities.

5 years ago The Link planted 1,000s of saplings around our seven linked school perimeters. The saplings have grown into 12 meter high trees.

In 2020 we launched a new project, Trees4Uganda.

The aim was to grow 50,000 native saplings over the two annual rainy seasons and deliver them to be planted around the perimeters of schools, churches, mosques and communities in and around Mukono.

 As well as the required number of saplings the package will include hoes and watering cans so that every school will be able to participate.  

The saplings are grown from seed by an enthusiastic group of volunteers in Mukono, delivered to schools, churches and community organsations and then planted and watered by the recipients of the saplings.

The project will be funded by donations from Guildford.

The economics are straight forward:     £1 enables 5 saplings to be planted.

                                                    £10 enables 50 trees to be planted


2022 Update

 Following the successful planting of 25,000 trees in 2020, it was very difficult to maintain the planting programme due to the Covid crisis. However, in January 2022, another 25,000 seeds were sown and in May 2022 thees saplings were distributed for planting to churches and community groups. These were native trees to Uganda and provide environmental improvement, shade and help to stabilise the ground preventing erosion. It is planned to grow supplies of fruit trees for schools which will help to support the Lunch4All programme. 


If you can help fund the growing and planting of these trees please make a donation. 

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