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Robert Ebalu and his team has grown 25,000 saplings from seed. These saplings are now being distributed across the Mukono community to improve the environment. These are all native trees. There are several benefits to planting these trees; repair the effects of deforestation; provide shade; stabilise the ground and help prevent erosion. These trees are in addition to the 25,000 trees that Robert grew in 2020. Schools, churches and municipal facilities are some of the institutions that have benefitted from these trees.

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It has been a very difficult time for Ugandan children and their families with schools being closed for the best part of two years throughout the Covid crisis. In January the school were finally allowed to open for for all pupils. Reopening has been very difficult for many schools with some staff having taken other jobs and in some cases school buildings being used for other activities.

It remains to be seen how many children return and it is likely that there will be a gradual return as confidence grows that schools are safe and will remain open.

The Guildford - Mukono Link is particularly keen to learn that the children they sponsor return to school and the Link is talking to Headteachers so that funds can be directed at these children.

To support schools the Link is going to be restarting the of funding for the Lunch4All and Sports Programmes.

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On the 29/30th may 2021, Alistair,Anna, Ailis and Calum Parsons are aiming to walk 100km from London (Richmond) to Brighton in 24hrs to raise funds for the Guildford Mukono Link

to support schools and children in Mukono, Uganda.

Any donations will help vulnerable children to attend school and

ensure they have a daily meal.

To donate please go to :


Or scan the QR code to go to the Just giving donation page:

Or send cheques, payable to "Guildford Mukono Link" to;

Mr A. Parsons

69 Raymond Crescent




Thank you for your support!

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