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Sports Programme

A programme of sporting opportunities for 700 pupils. These opportunities help to promote communities' health and wellbeing.

The sports programme has evolved into its present form: there are now three sites with each site running its own programme and each programme being run by teachers. One school works in partnership with a neighbouring school. Another focuses on volleyball and won two silver cups at a National Tournament. The third site is skills focused. All are very popular with both the children and teachers.

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The Sports Programme has made a great impact with all the children that are involved across a number of schools. Apart from developing their skills and having fun the programme has contributed to the children developing teamwork and communication skills. It has brought communities together with shared events and also brought great pride to the school with their successes in competitions and tournaments.

To maintain and develop this programme costs money to pay the coaches and provide the equipment they need.

Football and netballs cost around £10 each and need constant replacement.

Coaches are paid £25 a term to lead 10 weekly sessions.

Any donations would be extremely helpful to enable this programme to be maintained. 

Thank you for your support.




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