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Wendy Shephard Education Fund

Many children drop out of school because the parents are unable to afford the financial overheads of sending their child to school. The overheads are the registration fee, uniform, stationery and lunch.

Scholarships are awarded to children who show potential but are at risk of dropping out of school. Children are nominated by the teachers, selected by the Head in conjunction with the Chair of Governors and endorsed by the Head of Link's Secondary Heads who visit each school.

The sponsored children meet a Guildford committee member every year and a report is written by one of the headteachers for the Link. Any problems are raised with the Head and addressed.

It costs £125 to sponsor a vulnerable child through a school year. This will provide the child with school fees, uniform and essential equipment. Once selected the child is supported throughout their primary schooling.

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Anisha's Story

The first time the Link met Anisha she was attending school. The school recognised her as a very bright girl but her mother had two younger children with them all living in a single room. Despite working on a stall, her mother struggled to fund  Anisha's schooling. This meant that her future schooling was insecure and uncertain.

Since she has received funding through the Wendy Shephard Fund she has moved to live nearer the school by living with her Aunt. She now attends daily and is showing her potential by gaining 1st place in her class.


Children generally in Uganda are very self motivated. Often the classes have over 100 children, five children to a desk and even sharing pencils.

Despite this the children work hard, are keen to learn and take pride in their achievements.

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The Wendy Shephard Education Fund was started in memory of Wendy Shephard who passionately believed in supporting education in Africa. There are now 21 children supported through this fund.


The Wendy Shephard Education Fund is life changing for the individual children involved. Each donation is targeted at an identified individual. These will be very vulnerable children, often due to family circumstances. Without the support these children would not be able to attend school and spending their time on the streets would put these children's safety at risk and be very detrimental to their life chances.

The funding pays the annual school registration fee, provides school uniform including shoes and supplies the necessary books and stationary so they can fully participate in school and most importantly covers daily school lunch. 

The cost for a child is £125 a year. (A donation of £100 with Gift Aid would provide the necessary £125)

Children are selected and monitored by their headteacher, endorsed by the Head of a Link secondary school who visits each child. An annual progress report produced to see how each child is developing.

If you are able to support a child by donating £100 (with Gift Aid) you would totally change the life of an individual child. Thank you.




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