Gordon Bridger Enterprise Fund

Gordon Bridger was an important and influential member of the Guildford community for many years, including a spell as mayor of Guildford in 2003.

In his Will he very generously made a donation to the Guildford Mukono Link and it set out that the donation was to sponsor enterprise initiatives that will support individuals and communities in the Mukono area. 

The Link invited applications for grants to develop self-sustaining enterprises that will provide jobs and income to various community groups.

There were 16 applications which included a wide range of initiatives. Most of these applications were very well thought through and professionally presented.

Of these applications, eight projects have been selected. The selection focused on projects that would impact, involve and improve the lives of deprived members of the community. Importance was also put on projects that could become self-sustaining as well as being environmentally friendly.

The selected projects include:

  •  a women group creating a sustainable enterprise through baking, tailoring and hairdressing

  •  a start-up bakery producing a range of nutritional and healthy products.   The  participants include mothers with children with special needs, women who are HIV positive and mothers who are victims of teenage pregnancy.

  • a cooperative group rearing rabbits for food to improve diet. 

  • a women's group producing briquettes to raise household incomes

  • a women's group using Cassava as a raw material to support poor rural farmers by involving them in modern farming skills and developing a range of products to sell.

  •  Village farmers adopting modern farming methods to increase the crop yield in a sustainable and eco friendly farming methods.

  • a cooperative rearing pigs, providing employment, skills and food.              a piggery farm project

  • a briquette and hollow bricks making income generating project using energy saving methods which are environmentally and eco friendly.

This site will provide regular updates and reports on these projects.