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In Mukono, most people live from hand to mouth – earning a precarious income through casual work. A strict lockdown in Uganda was imposed on 31 March. But there was no government relief package which has accompanied lockdowns in the West. Families in Mukono cannot afford to buy basics such as food and are isolating in what is often one small room. Since the lockdown, the Guildford Mukono Link has been receiving messages of distress. People with no food, cases of domestic violence and attempted suicide. A local committee has now been set up under the leadership of a former Head of UN Police. Food is being distributed to the most vulnerable families. But this is relying on voluntary donations. The Guildford Mukono Link has so far sent £3,000.

More help is urgently needed If you able to help please follow the link below to the Just Giving donation page.

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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

National Situation

As a precautionary measure, on 18 March, President Yoweri Museveni banned all incoming and outgoing travel to specified highly affected countries for a period of 32 days. Schools have been closed and public gatherings banned. The president extended the lock down period for another 21 days on top of the 14 days. This lock down period continued from April 15 and will run up to May 05, 2020.

Mukono Town Situation

The situation in Mukono is very difficult. The country was put in total lock down and for a population where most live from hand to mouth this has put many families in great need. The Guildford Mukono Link has sent £2,000 to the Mukono Relief Fund. The relief fund is Chaired by Fred Yiger, who before he retired was the Head of the UN Police Force in South Sudan. I have stayed in his house in Mukono for the past 13 years.

I received this message from Sarah Nakintu who is an elected member for her community. I think she expresses the difficulties being faced by her small community in Mukono with great intensity. "Can you imagine I had 4 cases of suicide in my community last week. All women. There also a huge increase in domestic violence. Three men disappeared during the second week of quarantine and left families in rented houses with no way to pay the rent. Two of the men rang the landlord to say that they were no longer in charge of the rent so the women have been issued eviction notices. The women can no longer leave the house to work to earn money to pay for food and are also responsible for rent and school fees. 4 women decided the only way out was to commit suicide but luckily none of them died. Two took pesticides, one took ARVs and the other smashed dry cells. The children called me for help and I got them to hospital." The Mukono Relief Fund is distributing food to the most vulnerable. A huge effort is being coordinated by the leaders in Mukono. So often we are asked for money in times of crisis by large charities, which have hidden costs and the destination is not known. Any money you donate will go directly to Mukono organised by people we know and trust. If you would like to contribute to the Fund please send your donation to our account at the CAF Bank or by cheque to our Treasurer - details as below:

1. Bank transfer:

CAF Bank, Sort code: 40-52-40

Account name: The Guildford Mukono Link

Account Number: 00018362

2. Cheque:

Pay: The Guildford Mukono Link

Send to: Mr Manni Nathoo

21 Rosetrees

Guildford GU1 2HS

Registered Charity : 1111069

Thank you and best wishes

Tamsy Baker

on behalf of the Guildford Mukono Committee (07899066764)

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Robert is a physics teacher.. He has 6 children. Robert has a passion for this project as he believes planting trees is really important to combat climate change.

Look at the pictures below to see the seedlings in their pots. The shade is created by the frames with banana leaves on top. The water is collected from the stream that runs along the site. Some days Robert is helped by volunteers. Robert is doing all this work for free because he is so passionate about reforestation.

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