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Simon's Tale

During the long days of lock down several Mukono Link supporters were asked to join a group of young Ugandan men who had attended Lutengoo united School and formed a WhatsApp group to discuss issues affecting people in their rural area. Over the year several of them decided to stand in the local elections in their villages as Youth Leaders.

One of the young men had been top of his year at A Level but because he was an orphan he had no hope of getting to University. Simon is being sponsored by a Mukono Link member to enable him to go to University.

Simon wrote this to give some background to his life.

"I am the third child among 4, three of which are boys. I have a younger sister.

I was born in August 1998 and lost my mother in January 2000, leaving my younger sister at only a week old.

My life reflects a story of a typical African father and a hardworking mother who I actually didn't have a chance to know.

My mother had severe bleeding during childbirth and was taken to a clinic but there was no blood, yet it's the main treatment required, she was then transferred to a bigger hospital. But she couldn't make it to the next day as the doctors couldn't save her..

With "me and my siblings" got separated from each other as we were taken by different family relatives, they always loved us.

I have grown up in many homes, attended several schools. I have always survived on people's mercy. Since I was always determined and focused, I was always considered by well wishers and given a chance to progress.

Looking back on back at my life and what I have gone through gives me courage and a rethink in whatever I do. I DON'T want to see other people going through what I have gone through. I struggle a lot to be part of the decision makers (leaders)) in the society so as I can add my voice to those striving for justice, condemning domestic violence, condemning early marriage and fighting child sacrifices. These are the immediate cause of heartbreaking situations that many people go through in Africa.

We have a country to protect, preserve and see our children and the coming generations peacefully live in this country. This is now our responsibility to see our children also have a chance to enjoy the beauty and diversity of the World."

Simon now has a place to study to be a hospital technician at Kampala International University and starts next week! We wish him well.

Before going to University Simon has been volunteering to support the local community. Recently he has been helping paint a school providing a more welcome environment for the children.

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