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There is a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations contributing in various ways to benefit the community in Mukono.

These include:





















Guildford Borough Council



Guildford Borough Council officers are working with Mukono officers to help develop waste management strategies to improve the environment of Mukono and manage the waste produced in the town and surroundings including recycling strategies.

Surrey University

Surrey University Business School is providing valuable support to the Guildford Mukono Link through four students who are guiding the Link in establishing and running a crowdfunding project to raise funds to plant 50,000 trees in the Mukono District.

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Surrey University Logo.png


Through frequent stalls and fundraising efforts, funds have been raised to fund the building of two dormitories and teachers' houses at Lutengo Primary School. Without teachers houses, schools find it difficult to recruit and retain staff

Seeds for Development

Seeds for Development sources and supplies seeds for communities to enable them to become more self sufficient. It has supplied seeds to Mukono District schools to use for growing crops to support the Lunch4All project.

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