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25,000 Trees planted.

Despite a number of obstacles created by the pandemic, we completed the planting of 25,000 saplings in the Mukono district in Uganda. The saplings were grown from seed by Robert Ebalu, a local physics teacher, and his band of volunteers.

Robert's passion for the environment was his motivation. The efforts, time and labour by Robert and his team planted the seeds and nurtured them to the sapling stage when they were ready for planting in various locations.

The Link received requests for over 70,000 saplings, this is very positive for the future but the 25,000 sapling this year have been distributed to church groups, local community groups and schools. This has all been achieved for £900. Thank you to all the supporters who have made donations.

All the saplings have been planted (September 2020) and to help the various groups maintain the new trees the Link has invested in a motorbike for Robert to enable him to visit the various sites and give advice about tree maintenance.

Robert has now (November 2020) begun the planting of another 30,000 seeds which will be ready for distribution next summer. November is a good time too start the process being the start of the wet season in Uganda. Any donations to help continue this process would be gratefully received.

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