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Guildford's Response to the Cornonavirus pandemic in Mukono.

Like a lot of other countries Uganda went into lockdown in mid march in an effort to limit the spread of the Coronavirus infection. The authorities ensured this lockdown was strongly adhered to and has been effective in keeping cases of infection very low. However for a population who largely reply on day to day earnings to buy food and support their families the consequences for many families has been severe. Many families struggled to access food despite a government programme to support the population.

In Mukono a local committee was established led by Fred Yiga ( a senior Ugandan policeman and United Nations official) to help source and distribute food in the area. The Guildford Mukono Link appealed to its supporters for financial aid to help the situation. The response has been fantastic, £6000 has been donated to a central relief fund managed by Fred Yiga. This committee used the funds to directly purchase 6000kg of maize flour and 3300kg of beans for the most needy in Mukono. The food was distributed by the Mukono Red Cross Society Team and members of the local defense unit. Priority was given to to the people the Link has always supported in various ways as well as other families that had not had previous links with Guildford. Further separate donations totalling £750 have been given to specific individuals to help them support members of the community they work with on a day to day basis.

The impact has been significant as recognised by the authorities as well as many messages of appreciation from different homesteads that received this food.

In his report to the Guildford Committee, Fred Yiga states: 'I wish to thank you for your generous support to the needy elderly people of Mukono and the young but special interest groups of people (e.g. the disabled, pregnant and lactating mothers, etc.), who benefited from your benevolent act'

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