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Guildford Mukono Links

School Links

A number of schools in Guildford and Mukono are linked. What this means and how this works is different for every link - much depends on the ideas and enthusiasm of the staff involved. It can include interaction between the pupils through letters, email, videos and exchange of work.

Staff interaction has included reciprocal visits where teaching techniques and experiences are shared. Visits help to develop knowledge of the culture and expectations in each country.





Visits have helped to identify practical ways the Guildford schools are able to support their partner school in Mukono.

Projects have included help to fund the building of classrooms, dormitories, water capture and storage schemes, drilling of boreholes and the provision of books, resources and libraries. 


Other Links

There are a number of links involving other institutions and individuals. Often these links develop due to a specific need and the Link endeavours to find ways and means to solve and improve the situation; sometimes this is through linking individuals and organisations in Guildford and Mukono where expertise can be shared. Other problems can be improved through funding.

The Trustees allocate available funds and monitor the effectiveness through reports from appointed individuals and annual visits to Mukono.







Many initiatives have started because visitors from Guildford have realised they can see a way of contributing to the benefit of Mukono and at the same time develop a deeper understanding of the links between the two communities.




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